Woman says she was raped after car ran out of gas in Redford

REDFORD (WXYZ) - A Redford woman says she was raped after her car ran out of gas at 7 Mile and Beech Daly around 3:30 Sunday morning.

She says she tried calling a few friends for a ride, but couldn't reach anyone. She was trying to get a ride to the gas station that was one mile away at 8 Mile and Beech Daly.

We're not identifying the woman, but she says she can barely sleep at night because of what happened to her.

The 48 year-old says a man she thought was a good Samaritan stopped and offered to help. He drove her to the gas station in his car.

The woman says she put $6 worth of gas in her gas can and was driven back to her car.

As she put the gas in her car, she says a lot of it spilled on the ground because her gas can didn't have a nozzle. It was enough to get her car started, but after a few moments of driving it, she says her car broke down again just a few blocks from her home.

"Somehow he was still following me. I wasn't paying attention. I was just trying to get home," she says.

When she got out to put more gas in her car, she says the man came up behind her with a gun.

"I was so scared because my back was to him. He had me down. I didn't know if he was going to shoot me," she says.

"I just thought about my grandbaby and my daughters. I thought I was dead. I seen the black, small gun.  He put the gun up to my head. He was already choking me. He took my clothes off and raped me," she says.

She says he told her not to move and then drove away.
She vows that she will never get in a car with a stranger again.

"I'm alive. Thank God," she says.

Surveillance of the suspect's car has been released. It is dark in color and missing a rear driver's side hubcap. The suspect is described as a white man in his 20's with a stocky build.

If you recognize the car in the video please call Redford police at 313-387-2555.

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