Remembrance vigil held for EMU student Julia Niswender who was murdered a year ago

(WXYZ) - It's been one year since 23 -year-old EMU student Julia Niswender was murdered in Ypsilanti. Her killer is still on the loose. Her family speaking to 7 Action News during a candlelight vigil tonight.

Their emotional message being heard all across Southeast Michigan.

"Sick knowing that the person who did this could still be here watching and planning another attack on a poor victim," said Kim Turnquist, Julia's mother.

The cause of death is asphyxiation associated with drowning. 

"We haven't been to Peninsular Place since Julia's passing, after cleaning out her apartment and it's really touchy to be down here. This is where she last was a year ago," said Turnquist. 

Twin sister Jennifer adding "She was my best friend and my other half, and it's very hard to wake up every day and know she's not there. A part of me is gone and went with her. A year ago today was the last time I got to see her and say I love you. I never thought that would be the last time I'd see or talk to her. I'm trying to live for her everyday and make her proud."

Julia's Aunt Carrie Niswender  was also overcome with emotion. 

"Family meant the world to her. Anytime there was a new niece or nephew in the family she was always there buying clothes, making sure everyone is prepared for family or holiday parties" she says.

Julia's mother says she hasn't given up hope that police will bring her killer to justice.

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