Report: Michigan has highest poverty rate for families in Midwest

(WXYZ) - A new report finds Michigan still has a long way to go in making progress on jobs and the economy.

The Michigan League for Human services released its Labor Day report Friday called "Michigan Falling Unemployment Rate Masks Serious Concerns."

It found the number of lost workers now outnumbers the number of unemployed workers. The report defined lost workers as those who have left the workforce and are no longer counted in statistics as unemployed or employed.

According to the report, Michigan also has the highest poverty rate for families in the Midwest, with 1 in 10 families living in poverty in 2011. Poverty is defined as a family of four making $23,000 per year or less.

The report also found that 1 in 4 workers is in a low-wage job, defined as making $10.39 per hour or less.

Michigan also has one of the largest gender income gaps in the Midwest, according to the report, with men making on average $3.84 more per hour than women.

You can read more findings of the report by clicking here .

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