Reports of damage after storms rip through metro Detroit

(WXYZ) - Damage was reported across metro Detroit after a line of storms ripped through the area Wednesday night. 

"I was shocked." said Arthur Adamowicz, a homeowner whose backyard tree pierced into his son's bedroom. "And I was glad he wasn't up here. Started quick, didn't take long. Was raining, then ten minutes later this happened."


Drivers had to maneuver around a couple feet of water over Haggerty Road and it caused traffic to move a little slower.  A tree fell over half of the lanes of traffic nearby on 7 Mile Road in Northville Township.  The storm also ripped the railroad crossing gates on 7 Mile in half and caused the warning lights to go haywire.

There were no shortage of road blocks along 7 Mile Road if you tried to get to downtown Northville. 

Trees by Fish Hatchery Park fell over the road and made that area of 7 Mile impassable.  The majority of people in the area had no power.  

The only lights seemed to come from the flashers on the police cruisers and the fire trucks.  Power lines down on the ground in some areas prevented people from leaving their homes until emergency crews could repair the damage. 

"It's about safety right now and trying to keep everybody safe," said Northville Fire Captain Brad Westfall, "Away from the wires as much as possible."

Hiller's Market seemed to be one of a few stores with power because they had a backup generator. About 60 percent of the store is refrigerated, so without the generator, they would have incurred major losses.

"It's priceless.  If we were to have a loss it'd be catastrophic.  It would be seven figure losses," said Justin Hiller, one of the owners.

Be careful driving downtown because there is no power and traffic lights have to be treated as four way stops and there are no police officers directing traffic down there yet.  The area looks like a ghost town except for one or two people walking around downtown.

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