Rescued puppy credited with saving family

(WXYZ) - Since the McLarty family adopted a 3-month-old puppy named Hunter from The Humane Society, he has caused some trouble.

“He destroyed my shoes,” said his new owner Jill McLarty.  “But we won’t talk about that.”

Afterall, it is hard to stay mad at him.  Like most puppies he is cute.  Plus, there is what he did on March 5th.

“He saved our lives,” said Jill.

Tim and Jill McClarty, and their three daughters were inside their Grosse Pointe Woods house with their adorable, energetic, and fun Husky-mix.   They made dinner, enjoyed the evening, then went too bed.

“Around midnight, Hunter woke us up,” said Tim.

Jill took the dog outside, but when they came back in he continued to cry.

“He was running in circles in the hallway,” said Jill.

She walked towards him, and then the dog ran into the kitchen.

“He was  sitting in front of the stove, crying,” said Jill.

She turned on the light and realized the gas stove was on.  The flame was out, but gas was leaking into the kitchen.

The family was sick with colds, and didn’t smell the gas until the puppy brought it to their attention.

“If it weren’t for him, I hate to think what might have happened,” said Jill.

“If it weren’t for him, I might have lost everything,” said Tim. 

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