RESIDENTS BEWARE: Men posing as fake workers

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police are urging Royal Oak residents to beware of men posing as fake water workers.

Royal Oak police say a man came to a woman's door wearing an orange vest and a yellow hard hat, presenting himself as a city water worker.

He told the woman he had to go downstairs to look at the pipes because there was a problem with the pressure. While downstairs, he told the woman he had to talk to his "boss" on his walkie-talkie, according to police.

The man exchanged a few words with his "boss" and then said that everything was OK and left, according to police. Then the woman realized when she went back upstairs that money and jewelry were gone.

Police are asking residents to demand proper identification of the people you let into your home, and if you feel uncomfortable, they urge you to call them.

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