Residents concerned about possible gas pipeline to Canada

(WXYZ) - A natural gas company is making plans to build a pipeline to Canada through southeastern Michigan.

The Energy Transfer Rover Pipeline Company says for all of us that use natural gas, it would mean an increase in supply and perhaps savings for people in Michigan.

For some residents in and around neighborhoods where it would be built,  there is a sense of déjà vu.  Some of the line would run by the Enbridge 6-B pipeline that in areas was just recently replaced last year.

"I want them to be ethical and respect the rights of property owners.  Treat those impacted fairly," said Andrea Ryeson.

She received a letter recently notifying her about the plans. She  is waiting for details on how it could impact her land in Ortonville.

People who live have past experience with pipelines in her community say her concerns are justified.

Jeff Insko started a blog for property owners impacted by pipelines after having issues as Enbridge worked on his Holly property. His goal is educating property owners about their rights.

He says he has found himself in repeated negotiations as he works to get Enbridge to restore his property after work. There have been complaints of sloppy landscaping, changes in slope causing flooding, and a refusal to replace trees near the land.  He says his advice for anyone contacted by a pipeline company looking to purchase rights is to consult with a lawyer before agreeing to anything.

A spokesperson for Energy Transfers company says the company will be fair.

Planning for the project is still in the works.  It plans to submit an application to the federal government in January.

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