Residents concerned over sqautters occupying foreclosed home for sale

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Some new neighbors have moved into a tight-knit Detroit community. The problem is they're squatting on foreclosed property that's currently up for sale.

The residents on Rosemont say they often throw parties for new neighbors when they move in. But no one on the block is in the mood to celebrate the arrival of the ones occupying 15875 Rosemont Avenue.   

"You can't ask for a better neighborhood, especially this block." said resident Mike Huffman, who says it's the kind of block where neighbors take time for each other, take care of their lawns, and take pride in living there. So to see squatters take over the foreclosed property up for say, residents say, it's not right.

"You know, realtors were bringing people by to look at the house," said resident Robert Redditt, "And they could not have access to the house."

"We here in the neighborhood are trying to pay our rent ands truggling." said Huffman, "Then to have someone just walk in, move in and say, ‘This is my home.' It's not fair. And then they had the nerve to have cable. They had Comcast last week come in."

7 Action News tried reaching out to the individuals occupying the home. A woman answered, but refused to open the door. After hearing from numerous residents, Detroit city councilman James Tate reached out to the home's current owner Fannie Mae.

"I made a couple of phone calls." said Tate, "And that day the eviction process, had begun with this particular property."

"It's not fair to us, it's not fair to other people in the neighborhood." said Huffman, "And it's not fair to the family who just moved out because maybe they were struggling trying to keep the home."

Only the homeowner has the right to file a police report or start an eviction process in court. Police did reach out to the occupants of the home, who said they would move out by next Tuesday.

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