Residents dealing with no heat, roof leaks in Inkster

(WXYZ) - Mother Nature strikes an apartment building in Inkster where residents are dealing with snow build-up, leaks and fallen ceilings.

Some of these residents have no heat, no water and the build-up of snow is taking a toll on the roof causing leaks.

Zach Kessler tells me it started with a drip, and now, what was once a ceiling is now on the floor.

“It just collapsed after dripping really bad.”

Apartment 304 is the first home for Zach Kessler. He ‘s 21, he found a job and a place to live. He spent $1,900 for first and last month’s rent and a security deposit that he says management won’t return.

But after complaining to management about a hole in their living room and a bedroom, maintenance did pay a visit.

“They brought us a bucket”

Zach has only lived at Cherry Hill Club for a little over a month. Others have been enduring many months of poor management. Residents claim following a fire in January they have-- at times-- lived without heat, gas, water and now collapsing ceilings.

Zach received three notices from management dating back to January 12 telling residents to expect repairs within two to three days. More than a month later and he’s still waiting.

“I want them together reimburse us, or put us in a safer apartment.”

Management, in a letter, says they will reimburse residents once repairs are complete.

7 Action News contacted the management company, but they have yet to return our calls.

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