Residents in Hamburg Township preparing for flooding with warmer temperatures coming

HAMBURG TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - Preparations started 2 weeks ago for people living in Hamburg Township because officials want to be prepared for the worst.

“This year I’m worried,” said Donna Woudenberg.  Her home hasn’t flooded yet but the houses around her always have problems.

“Told the kids to get the row boat out.,” said Woudenberg.  She’s nervous the roads will be underwater and she won’t be able to get in or out of her home.

“If I’m on the other side and can’t get home to the kids, what would happen,” she said.

Township officials don’t want people to panic, just to be prepared like taking things like gasoline cans and fertilizers off their garage and shed floors so they don’t have to worry about gas or oil slicks.

Hamburg Township Supervisor Pat Hohl tells us his community is facing two circumstances they have never faced before this year

“The snow and the high levels of frost in the ground,” said Hohl.

A frozen ground means there is nowhere for melted snow to go in a rapid warm-up coupled with rain.  The only place for the water to go is into yards and homes.

“The house was kind of like an island.  We had water around it and the driveway was kind of a bridge to the road,” said Mark McPherson who lives on Ore Lake.

He talks about what happened in 2004.  2011 was another bad year.  People fear this year will be even worse.

To keep updated on any warnings, people living in the flood plain can visit the township’s website for information that is constantly being updated.

Please visit the website at:

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