Resident's signs prompt water main fix

(WXYZ) - If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, it appears the big sign will quench the thirst of Gloria Dean Johnson. She hasn't had running water in her home for two weeks.

“My first thought was maybe they’ll get the water on today." said Johnson looking out the window at the crew working on the main, "Hopefully.”

Johnson says she has been bringing in snow, melting it down, just to flush the toilet. When crews fixed a water main break on her block last month, Johnson was the only one left without running water.

“Since I was the only one on the block that didn’t have water, and they had all these other problems, they kept putting me on the bottom of the list.” said Johnson.

The 81 year old understands the city's priorities go to emergencies affecting more residents. But after spending 53 years in Detroit, in the same house, Johnson says too many residents are feeling isolated when problems arise.

“When this is over, maybe [the residents that need help] can come and borrow my signs, and put their signs in the front yard." said Johnson, "And they’ll get some attention!"

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