Restoration shop gears up for Woodward Dream Cruise, handles unique requests for custom rides

(WXYZ) - When it comes to getting cars Dream Cruise ready—you could say the Restorations and Specialty Vehicles Division at Pratt & Miller really knows how to roll.

"We put together ideas, and then we come up with a game plan depending on what kind of engine they would like—the paint job, the interior, we’re able to customize the whole car for them," said Restorations and Specialty Vehicles Division Co-Manager David Albright.

These car owners come into the shop with a vision and a dream that sometimes dates back to when they were kids.

"A lot of these guys had classic cars like that back in the 40s, 50s or even beyond that and to fulfill their dream again, to have that classic car is awesome," said Restorations and Specialty Vehicles Division Assistant Manager Rob Walker. 

Around this time of year, the work-load at this shop in New Hudson always seems to rev up. 

Getting these vehicles Dream Cruise ready is just half the fun, it’s the unusual and sometimes unique requests that really gets this shop’s wheels turning.

"We did a car for the owner of the Discovery Channel, and he was into aeronautics and space and we did an Apollo rocket themed car for them and it had a handle on the shifter from the Lunar Module that he had gotten from somebody," said Albright.

Huston, we have a sweet ride.

"We also did an old Valiant for an orthopedic surgeon, we used a titanium hip bone for the shifter, and we had artificial knee parts for the brake pedals—so it’s kind of unique when you see it," said Albright.

I’ll say! But no matter what the car owner wants, and how much work goes into the vehicle, at the end of the day, it’s all about the finished product.

"That’s the cream of the crop right there, you know, when they come in and the car is finished, and you hand them the keys—they’re driving away and they’re just smiling big, you know," said Walker.


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