Retirees file lawsuit against Gov. Snyder, Dillon over pensions

(WXYZ) - More than a half dozen Detroit employees and retirees are suing Governor Rick Snyder, the State of Michigan and Michigan State Treasurer Andy Dillon. 

They are hoping an Ingham County Judge will stop the governor from authorizing Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to file for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy.

They are worried a federal bankruptcy judge will rule against or override the state law that the plaintiffs say protects the pensions.

There are two lawsuits but they will be heard by one Ingham County Judge on Monday morning. Many say they believe this is just the beginning of the fight because whoever loses will likely appeal.

Orr has reportedly said he will cut the pensions and retirees' healthcare as he tried to rid the city of billions in red ink.

Lawyers for the retirees and the employees who have been promised pensions say it would be devastating to take away the money these workers have planned to live on.

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