Return policy trouble solved

(WXYZ) - An 81-year-old woman says if you get mail offering you a chance to win something, be aware.  It may just be a slick sales method.

Lorna Pierre says she got mail asking if she wanted to win a new free adjustable bed, and responded.  She says a man called asking to come to her home to talk about the Easy Rest bed contest.

Lorna says the man didn't offer her a free bed.  Instead she says he talked her into buying a more than $4000 easy rest bed.

Lorna says after he left she felt misled.  She decided she didn't want the bed.
But she says even though her contract offered a 5 day no questions asked return policy – Easy Rest wouldn't take the bed.

"I found out this is a pattern," said Pierre.

She found many people on-line with similar complaints about the company's advertising and sales procedures. 7 Action News went to work to get her answers.  Easy Rest apologized, said there must have been a miscommunication or confusion. 

The company said it stands behind its product, and if Mrs. Pierre isn't happy they will take it back and give her a refund.

"I am shocked at how quickly you were able to get action for me," said Pierre.  "I couldn't get it done myself."

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