Revisiting the children of Orion Oaks who who wrote letters to NYC firefighters on 9/11

(WXYZ) - Ten years ago, a week after the attacks of 911, Carolyn Clifford visited Orion Oaks Elementary School. Scott Maxfield's 5th grade class was writing letters to the firefighters in New York to say thank you to their heroes for all of their hard work at ground zero.

New York firefighters who were injured actually wrote back to the children at Orion Oaks to say thank you for the well wishes. Well, 10 years later, Carolyn revisited Scott Maxfield's 5th grade class, only this year two 20 year old college students who were in that original class were back to talk about what it meant to write letters to the firefighers as children.

Alex Forrest and Michelle Certain started crying when they watched themselves as kids read their letter aloud for our Channel 7 cameras.

They both agreed it was a powerful experience, and amazing to look back on what a difference they made in the lives of others who were suffering.

In the end though, it was Scott Maxfield who said, the children were his real heroes, and that no lesson he could have planned for that fateful day 10 years ago, or this year could have been more appropriate.

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