'Right-to-work' protestors participate in day-long demonstration at Lansing state capitol

LANSING (AP Modified) - Republicans could put the controversial "right-to-work" legislation up for a vote Thursday and protestors have converged on the state capitol for a day-long demonstration.

Union members also filled the capitol rotunda in Lansing yesterday chanting and shouting.

Opponents call the "right-to-work" laws anti-union while supporters say they are good for the economy and good for jobs.

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Ari Adler, a Spokesman for the Republican House speaker says there have been discussions  behind-the-scenes and if the legislation is introduced , passage could be quick

"I really think the unions were a little bit hypocritical for them to feign shock after they tried to put two amendments to the constitution—Proposition 2 and Proposition 4," said Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson about the protesting in Lansing. "I mean obviously, if you are going to pull that stuff you have to expect there to be some push back and some pressure from the other side."

But Bob King, the president of the UAW who was in Lansing at the Capitol says, "Right to Work means lower wages and it is not good for Michigan workers,". King says he believes if legislation is introduced, the Governor should veto it. "That would help bring Michigan back," says King.

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