Road bonds considered through ROAR Act

(WXYZ) - It's a blast from the past that could solve the crisis of Michigan's broken roads.

United States bonds similar to those that paid for WWII are now being considered to fund road repairs.

One driver tells Action News it's needed because roads are "Awful, probably the worst I've seen." Another says "I'm from Los Angeles, CA. The roads are horrible, I don't know how long it's been like this because I just got down here."

For those of us who spent months paying for pothole repairs these are desperate times. Lawmakers in Lansing have fallen short of coming up with a billion dollars more in needed annual road funding. Now, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, a Republican from western Wayne and Oakland Counties is offering a nostalgic and outside the box answer.

The "ROAR" Act stand for repairing our aging roads and it could bring in 2 billion in funding for each state.

"It orders the treasury to sell 50 versions of federal bonds, one for each state capped at a .25 percent interest rate less than standard bonds" says Bentivolio. He adds "I think it's a win win. Doesn't raise taxes and deficit neutral. It puts the power of the purse into the hands of the American public."

The concept might not be so far out. In fact in Milford Twp., a similar plan is up for vote to repave a subdivision.
It'll cost roughly $2,000/year for 10 years but the work gets done quickly and covers a cost of about $900,000.

So far no date for a vote has been scheduled. 

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