Robber uses stun gun to attack woman in Detroit

(WXYZ) - “I don’t feel like it’s safe around here.” 

A sad testimony from Cherrelle Stevenson who lives on Savannah Street on Detroit’s northwest side. The block on which Stevenson lives with her two children is where you will find abandoned buildings, burned out houses and overgrown lots. 

It also is where a 69-year old woman was attacked and robbed early Monday morning.

“That could have been his grandmother or somebody else’s grandmother,” said Tyrone Cannon, a property owner on Savannah Street. Cannon is dismayed by the apparent lack of respect for elders.

According to police, the woman was walking home from a nearby bus stop— most likely from Woodward Avenue which is about a block away. A man approached the woman, tased her on the neck and while she was on the ground, he kicked her and took her purse.  Then, he hopped on a bike and rode off with $900 in cash which was in the purse.

The weapon of choice for this crook is an interesting one.  He stunned the victim with a quick jolt of high-powered electricity. This crime has rattled nerves.

“I feel scared because it could happen to me,” said Shirley Hull, another Savannah Street resident.  “It tells me that I can’t come out and carry money to handle my business safely.”

The area is one that is clearly in need of attention. There appears to more homes that are abandoned than inhabited.

“They need to tear these houses down and cut (the grass) because it’s nasty!” said Stevenson.  “We’re scared to walk around here.”

“Where an elderly lady, especially her age— or any age— gets robbed coming from a bus stop, that should not be the norm, anywhere,” said Canon.

Police do not have a lot of information on the person responsible for Monday's crime, nor do they have a good description of him beyond his race, height, approximate age and what he was wearing when the mugging happened just before 6:30 AM.  Investigators hope someone will call them with information that can put them on the right track to catch the taser-toting bandit.

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