Robert Ficano is fighting back against new rules put in place by the Wayne County Commission

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano and the commissioners are feuding over a new ordinance that says any employee who doesn't follow it could get fined, or do jail time.

The commission's ordinance went into effect October 1. They say it's meant to stop public employees, including Ficano, from giving the green light on contract work before the commission has approved it. 

The Wayne County Commission says for years contract work has come before them for approval long after the work had already started.

They say Ficano has done this repeatedly and they want it to stop because they say undermines their role in process. 

"It's that whole mentality, I think , that he has exhibited here is that lack of recognition of the branches of government, the legislative branch and just going to do what he wants," says Wayne County Commissioner Bernard Parker.

Parker says the ordinance was passed in part because of the $200,000 severance given to Turkia Mullin when she left the county for a higher paying job.

The 7 Action News team broke the severance story that also lead to other county reforms.

But, Ficano's second in charge, Jeffery Collins, says the commission's intentions may be a good, but the way they intend on punish employees for violating it is illegal.

"It has the potential to punish county employees who are simply doing their job, who may have a hand in processing the contract, and are not responsible at all for the delay," says Collins. 

If both sides do not come to an agreement, it is likely the feud could end up in a courtroom. 

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