Rough roads will continue long after winter

(WXYZ) - More drama on the roads will plague metro Detroit long after this winter is over.

Only on 7 in an exclusive ride along, we're learning about a giant gap in funding to repair severe damage caused by the second worst winter in history

Ask any metro Detroit driver what they think of busted roads and nasty potholes and you'll hear how awful they are. A man who's heard it all is Craig Bryson with the road commission for Oakland County. On a ride around town together he hits us with a term you may not have heard before called heaving.

"Heaving is when water gets down into the road through a crack, freezes and expands and forces the surface of the road up. The base of the road is still frozen and there's no where for the road to drain" says Bryson.

Some drivers might want to heave after this winter. Others just want to get off what feels like a roller coaster.

"I'm avoiding some potholes on this road and trying to go slowly over the heaves. It can happen on a relatively new asphalt road as well" says Bryson.

While the heaves can eventually settle roads buckling and separating at the seams are more damaging to cars.

The governor's boost of more than 200 million to repairing roads statewide doesn't even scratch the surface either.

Bryson says "it's not going to solve the problem. The first hundred million off the bat will go to back fill the hole created by this winter. The second 115 million gets divided up around the state for individual road projects.

Whether we see any of that or not in Oakland County--remains to be seen.

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