Royal Caribbean's smart ship Quantum of the Seas to set sail this winter

(WXYZ) - There is a new option for tech-savvy travel—and it could take you to the high seas.

Royal Caribbean International is introducing its newest ship called the Quantum of the Seas, and for tech-savvy travelers who like hassle-free vacations, this may just be the ticket.  

The company says the Quantum of the Seas has boatloads of bandwidth—no pun intended—and easy to use tech systems to enhance the vacation experience.

Integrated RFID technology also speeds up the boarding process, allows people to keep track of their luggage and gets passengers from the sidewalk to the ship in 10 minutes.

Guests can generate boarding documents, upload an ID photo and get a digital boarding confirmation.

Can you say no more long lines?

Passengers will also be able to wear smart wristbands on the ship, which will serve as a room key and a way to make onboard purchases.

And if you have ever felt claustrophobic about those tiny ship rooms, maybe a virtual balcony will help.

Another fun feature is robot bartenders. The Quantum will set sail this winter. 

Check out more details HERE.

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