Ruling in conflict lawsuit orders deposition from Detriot Emergency Manager

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Could the City in Crisis find their own emergency manager under oath?

Kevyn Orr faces a deposition in a lawsuit that claims there is a conflict of interest in his appointment.

The ruling means that Kevyn Orr will be deposed under oath. That means he those sit down at the table and answer questions to figure out whether or not this lawsuit has anything to it, that there is a conflict of interest.

Not only did Ingham County Court Judge William Collette order a deposition for Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, but also for two people from the state of Michigan – John Dixon and Steve Arwood from the loan board.

Union activist Robert Davis is charging that Orr and the loan board violated the Open Meetings Act when selecting Orr as emergency manager.

The judge also ordered that all emails and document between all state and elected officials and Orr and his former law firm Jones, Day be turned over to Davis' attorney - but only emails from November of 2012 to the present day that pertained to the topic of Orr for emergency manager.

Under the ruling, though, the governor Rick Snyder and the Treasurer Andy Dillon do not have to provide depositions.

Robert Davis has long been against the emergency manager.

He's the one that is behind this lawsuit and tells that he hopes this is the start to getting Orr removed from his position.

"Kevyn Orr and the members of the emergency loan board are only individuals that truly know what took place in the secret interviews that took place in and out of town, and so there testimony is crucial and necessary in order to get to the bottom of the truth," Davis says.

When asked for Orr's comment on the situation, a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Treasury said "We are conferring with counsel and are confident there is no violation of the Open Meetings Act."

Now, tomorrow there are supposed to be calls made to find out where this deposition will be taking place. It has to happen in the city of Detroit and in some type of formal setting like an office.

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