Saline woman who was aboard Carnival cruise shares story

(WXYZ) - What started out as a four day cruise for Gina Howe and her friend has turned into a week long nightmare.

The Saline woman had been trapped on the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph since Sunday when a small fire knocked out the power to the entire ship.

Since then, passengers had been experiencing horrific living conditions on the cruise liner.  Howe is a diabetic who needs protein and she ran out of insulin a few days ago on the crippled ship.  She had to wait in line for hours just to get any food.

Thursday is the first time she says that they have eaten like kings and queens since this ordeal started.

She and other passengers made a tent city out of bed sheets and slept on the deck when sewage backed up into their rooms. They have even had to use bags as makeshift toilets.

"I'm doing OK, " Gina told us by phone while she was waiting to disembark the ship. "I think I'll be alright." 

Passengers had been trying to keep the faith by writing inspiring messages and even making signals for help as they desperately just wanted to get to shore.

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