APPS to help you save money on summer road trips

(WXYZ) - About 40 percent of Americans will hit the road this summer and most will spend more money than they planned.

Experts at put together a list of apps to help you save the most money.

"My recommendation is to use an app like 'Road Ninja'," said Trae Bodge, an expert with "It actually shows you all the gas stations nearby and what all the prices are, so you can make the best and most economical choice."

If your destination is a big city, there's also an app that can help you find a place to park during the day and overnight.

"It's called 'Best Parking' and it's similar to 'Road Ninja' in that it gives you all the parking lots nearby," said Bodge. "It has all the rates, also coupon rates and the rules for street parking as well." also has its own app to help find the best restaurant deals closest to your route.

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