Smooth-talking scam artist targets businesses in Eastpointe and Roseville

EASTPOINTE, MI (WXYZ) - A 46-year-old Eastpointe man is suspected of conning an unknown number of people, promising the $20 they donate will go to help children at a local high school.

And in return for their donation, people like Rita Ceccacci were each told they would receive the well-known Entertainment Book and advertising for their businesses in a few local papers.

Ceccacci says the man appeared to be honest, but when she and others realized he was never going to return with the Entertainment Books or follow through with the advertising she says he "proved me wrong".

Kim Quinn owns Kim's Dog Grooming in Eastpointe and when she gave the man $20, he gave her a receipt that included his real name and phone number.

He's a 46-year-old Eastpointe man who has been convicted for fraud and embezzling. He's currently on probation.

Quinn and others say they have gone to police and repeatedly tried reaching the man on their own, but he's not answering the phone.

Eastpointe Police say they are aware of the man and his scam. They say they are investigating and have called him but have been unable to reach him.

Another woman who gave the smooth-talking stranger $20 says she called East Detroit High School, the school that the man claimed was to benefit from his fundraiser, and she was told there is no such fundraiser and a school staffer indicated that about 300 others had also been scammed.

Police in Roseville and Eastpointe say they only know of a few victims, but say it's possible others did not report the rip-off.

Anyone who believes they were targeted is urged to call the policing agency in the city where it happened.

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