School bus stop located not far from homes of 2 registered sex offenders angers local mom

GARDEN CITY (WXYZ) - A registered sex offender living a block away from an elementary school in Garden City might have to pack up and find a new home.

Sex offenders are not to live within 1,000 feet of any school, according to Michigan State Police.

Police Chief Robert Muery says Friday morning his officers will use laser instruments to check the distance between the registered home of the sex offender and the school.

The issue came to light after the mother of a 12-year-old student in the district became concerned that the school bus didn't drop her daughter off at Douglas Elementary School as she'd anticipated.

The bus dropped her daughter off not far away, but that location is just a couple doors away from one registered sex offender and it is also at the end of the block of where a second registered sex offender lives.

"I am devastated," says Julie who asked that she not be identified. "I have no idea why this was chosen as a bus stop."

District officials are looking into the possibility of moving the bus stop.

Dr. Stanley Szczotka, Director of Student Services for Garden City Public Schools, tells Action News, "We really want to make sure we have some time to investigate what is going on with the bus stop and making sure children are safe."

District officials say the location of the bus stop was moved a short distance from the elementary school because of traffic congestion around the school.

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