10 y.o. virtual girl tracks 1,000 online child sex predators around the world

(WXYZ) - A 10-year-old girl is responsible for tracking 1,000 online child sex predators around the world.

Her name is Sweetie, she's from the Philippines but she's not real.

Sweetie is a virtual girl who looks, acts and speaks like a real child. She is the creation of a group called Terre des Hommes from the Netherlands who developed her to catch webcam child sex predators in the act.

The group says Sweetie and other virtual girls have helped to track 1,000 pedosexuals in two months.

Now they're asking for your help. "To convince the international community to take action we need 1,000,000 signatures. Please sign the petition, share our plea and help us protect the vulnerable children who are forced behind the webcams. Webcam child sex tourism must stop," said Terre des Hommes on their YouTube page.

You can watch their compelling story, sign the petition and meet Sweetie here: http://www.youtube.com/sweetie

Or you can watch in the video player below:

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