Apple unveils iPad mini and iPad 4 during Tuesday afternoon event

(WXYZ) - Apple has unveiled the iPad mini, a new 7 inch tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire and other Android tablets.

The device is as thin as a pencil and weighs .68 pounds. It will come in black and white models,with the black model having the same shell as the iPhone 5.

The iPad mini is 7.9 inches across, with the same resolution as the iPad 2. It will come with the Dual-core A5 processor, LTE wireless, dual band WI-FI and a Lightning connector

Apple says the iPad mini will come with 10 hours of battery life.

The iPad mini starts with a base 16GB Wi-FI model, priced at $329. It will also come in 32GB and 64GB. The 32GB model will cost $429 and the 64GB model will cost $529. Each model will cost $130 more for LTE.

Apple also unveiled the fourth generation iPad, which the company calls a powerhouse, powered by the A6X processor. The company says it will double the CPU and graphics performance of the iPad 3.

It will also have a 720p Facetime camera and 4G LTE cellular internet connection. It also comes with a new Lightning connection and a Retina display.

It will start a 16GB Wi-Fi version at $499, as well as a 32GB version for $599 and a 64GB model for $699.  As with the iPad mini, the cellular models of the iPad 4 will cost $130 more each version.

Preorders for both the 4th generation iPad and the iPad mini will begin October 26. The Wi-Fi versions ship on November 2, while the LTE versions ship 2 weeks later.

Apple is also keeping a 16 GB version of the iPad 2 for $399 for Wi-FI only and $529 for cellular connection.

Apple also unveiled new iMacs, a new Mac mini and a new MacBook Pro.

The first product unveiled was the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. It is thinner and lighter than previous MacBooks. It has Apple's Retina display, as well as duel Thunderbolt ports and an HDMI video out port.

The new MacBook also includes a Facetime HD camera and a backlit keyboard. It comes with up to 768 GB of flash storage and 8 GB of RAM. Apple says the computer will have up to 7 hours of battery life.

The new Macbook will cost $1,699 for the base model and it is available today.

Apple is also keeping the older line of MacBooks, which will start at $1,199.

Apple also addressed the Mac mini at the presentation. The Mac mini is getting a refresh. It will include a regular model, starting at $599, and a server model starting at $999. Both models are available today.

The company's flagship iMac was also addressed. The new iMac will be thinner, with no optical drive. It will feature edge-to-edge glass.

Apple says the computer will have 75 percent less reflection due to its new laminated display and anti-glare coating.

It will come in two models, a 21.5 inch and a 27 inch. Both will have a 720p Facetime camera, with either 768 GB of flash memory or a 3TB standard hard drive. Both will have 32 GB of RAM, as well as three Thunderbolt ports.

Apple is also unveiling a Fusion drive as an option for the iMac. It will feature a combination of Flash and standard hard drive storage.

The 21.5 inch will start at a base price of $1,299 and ship in November. The 27 inch model will started at a base price of $1,799 and ship in December.

Apple CEO Tim Cook began the presentation with a recap of the iPhone 5 and iOS operating system, before moving on to changes in the iBooks app. The revamped app, which contains display and reading updates, is available today.

Apple also unveiled a new version of their iBooks Author program, which allows educators and publishers to create books for the iPad. Cook says this has helped make the iPad a great educational tool. It is also available today.

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