Apple files patent for location-sensitive security levels for mobile devices

(WXYZ) - Could iPhones and mobile devices become more secure without users having to enter digits every time they want access?

A new patent filed by Apple suggests little hassle in the future when it comes to lock screens.

The filed patent is for mobile technology that could change your phone or tablet's security level based on your location.

So, if you’re at home, a place that is "safe" to you, there could be little to no passcodes required to access your mobile device.

But if the device is out of the state or in a public place, you could increase the preset security setting —possibly requiring a more complex passcode in high risk locations.

According to the patent, the mobile device would be able to determine your location by using GPS and also by analyzing other aspects of where you are, like available WiFi networks and the presence of other devices nearby.

Now, just because a patent is filed, doesn’t mean it will definitely be something that is implemented, but the concept sure is neat. 

Check out the patent, HERE.