Apple secures patent for transparent texting

(WXYZ) - Do you walk and text at the same time? Go ahead, be honest. 

Well, Apple has secured a patent for a feature that may help you pay more attention to your surroundings while you text.

The company just secured a patent for transparent texting.

Basically, if you're texting on your iPhone, instead of seeing that white background, the phone will display what's directly in front of you.

The camera would use its rear-facing lens to project live video in the background of your texts.

Apple writes in the patent that if the new technology is used, the user would be less likely to "collide with or stumble over an object while texting."

Of course, just because the patent is secured, doesn't mean it's a sure thing the company will move forward with-we'll just have to wait and see.

Check out the patent here: