Apps to make your family summer road trip easier, fun

(WXYZ) - Are we there yet? Mom! He's looking at me! I have to go to the bathroom!

Family road trips. They can be... well, challenging.

And while these apps won't ensure sibling harmony, they may make your trip a little less bumpy.

RoadNinja is integrated with Google Maps and helps you plan your trip mile by mile. Plus it shows you what to expect at each exit, like the price per gallon at each gas station. Its user-friendly design allows you to sort by category, so whether it's jerky or Jujubees you're looking for, it's not hard to find.

Field Trip will turn your family road trip into an adventure. The Google app runs in the background of your smartphone and alerts you to approaching sites fit for a field trip. Think of it as a personalized tour guide, pointing out historical sites and architecture along your route. You can customize the app by giving the suggestions a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" rating.

Sky Map allows you to do more than just "oooo" and "ahhh" at the starry night sky. This educational app uses GPS data to show the constellations and planets viewable from your campsite.

Send grandma and grandma a postcard with Postagram . Snap a photo or use one from  your Instagram or Facebook. Make it your own with a personalized message and send. Your recipient will receive tangible "old-school" postcard in the mail.

Know an app that makes travel easier or more fun? Share it with us!

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