Australian authorities warn of Snapchat drug

(WXYZ) - A new drug that's named after a popular smartphone app could have deadly consequences. 

It's known as the Snapchat drug--named after the popular photo and video sharing application. 

Australian police put out the drug warning after people started behaving in an erratic and irrational manner after taking Snapchat.

The drug is sold in pill form and comes in two colors: pink and blue -- with an imprint of the snapchat logo on the front.

Reports indicate the drug is based on those scary bath salts that have become popular here in the United States.

Once it's ingested, it has the power to make users feel aggressive and disorientated.

Police in Australia decided to put out the warning -- because the popularity of the pills appears to be growing.

Australian authorities warn that even though it has a funny name, these drugs are dangerous.