Could briefs help protect men from wireless radiation?

(WXYZ) - According to a study from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine , cell phone radiation can kill sperm cells and even cause infertility.

So, one man is on a quest to help other guys protect their health-- with a pair of protective boxer briefs.

They're called Wireless Armour and the inventor claims the tighty-whities will block the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless devices.

The founder of the company, who is also a physics teacher, says on his crowdfunding site that it took many months of research to find the perfect fabric to protect men's most important data.

The fabric has a mesh of pure silver woven into it, creating what the inventors call a Faraday Cage.

In theory, the cage will help distribute radiation evenly, instead of having it hit in one concentrated area.

Not only are the boxer shorts supposed to help reduce your exposure to radiation, but the creator says the silver fibers also help stop the spread of bacteria.

If they reach their fundraising goal, early backers will score a pair of Wireless Armour for around $30.

Find out more about the underwear HERE

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