Campaign takes fun approach to anti-texting and driving for teens

(WXYZ) - There's no doubt; teens texting and driving is serious business.

But says scare tactics don't work on teens so instead, they're challenging teens to a thumb war.

The goal is to make young people, not parents, the ambassadors for safe driving by providing thumb socks as a reminder not to text and drive. says forty percent of teens have been in a car where the driver used a cell phone in a way that put their passengers in danger.

CMO Naomi Hirabayashi shared with 7 Action News some pretty staggering facts about teen texting and driving.

"if you are a teenager and you are texting and driving, you are 23 times more likely to get in a car crash because you are not paying attention while you are behind the wheel."

Hirabayashi went on to say, "If you are texting and driving for 4.6 seconds, that's like driving 55 miles per hour on the length of a football field, completely blind."

Joining the campaign is simple; teens visit to sign up for the thumb socks. If they take a photo and send it in they can qualify for one of four, $5,000 scholarships.

The concept may seem a little silly but it's working! The Thumb Wars campaign encouraged over twenty-two thousand teens to take action last year.

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