Could smart lighter help you quit smoking?

(WXYZ) - Creators call it the world's first smart lighter. 

While it does help smokers light cigarettes, it also can help them quit.

The Quitbit lets users track their smoking habits.

It works in conjunction with an app and shows you how many times you light a cigarette and even how long it has been since you've had your last one.

The Quitbit lights cigarettes using a heating element-and the electronics built inside help count each cigarette that is lit. The creators say the whole premise of the gadget is that if you can measure it, you can manage it.

Once you begin to understand your habits, you can use the gadget to help you cut back and eventually stop completely.

The app will let you set plans and targets-you can even limit how often the quitbit will work.

The creators of the smart lighter are trying to gain support on Kickstarter for their gadget. Check out more HERE.