Digital tools to get you in summer shape

(WXYZ) - Bikini season is upon us but it's never too late to get into shape!

Here are a few digital tools to help you track your workouts, count calories and push you to reach your fitness goals.

FItocracy is for the natural born competitor. It's similar to FourSquare in that it grants points and awards badges for every workout logged. Plus you can sign up for challenges with friends or join a community chat groups for motivation.

Extra Pounds is a free weight loss network with a database of blogs, fitness, articles and support teams. The food diary helps you plan and log meals and then determine exercise needed to burn those calories.

Map My Fitness uses their app to map your running, biking or walking routes. It records data like duration, distance, pace, speed, even elevation. The info is easily uploaded to the site where you can track your progress and share it with friends.

My Yoga Online welcomes yogis of all levels. Watch tutorials on poses, meditation and pilates. Plus the community forum allows you to post and watch videos and essays. There's even a music page to help you find your favorite yoga jams. 

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