Facebook launches 2012 Year in Review, check the 20 biggest moments of your year!

(WXYZ) - Facebook is making it possible for you to view the 20 biggest moments of your life over the past year by launching the Facebook "Year in Review."

In addition to launching a Year in Review for Facebook as a whole, they've also made it possible for you to view your own Year in Review by including life events, highlighted posts and your most popular stories.

You can access your Year in Review by going to Facebook.com/ yearinreview.

Facebook also compiled a Year in Review that pulls together the big moments of 2012 compiled from one billion active Facebook users.

Facebook's biggest moments for US users include:

1.) US Presidential Election

2.) Superbowl XLVI

3.) Death of Whitney Houston

4.) Superstorm Sandy

5.) London 2012 Olympics

6.) Death of Trayvon Martin

7.) Facebook IPO

8.) Aurora theater shooting

9.) Death of Dick Clark

10.) Obama's endorsement of gay marriage

You can get the big picture here FacebookStories.com/2012 .


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