Fake Flappy Bird apps may contain malware

(WXYZ) - Flappy Bird fans, this news may feel worse than crashing into one of those green pipes. 

The Better Business Bureau is warning smartphone users that fake versions of the popular app Flappy Bird may plant unwanted malware on your phone.

After the original creator of Flappy Bird discontinued the app and made it impossible for new users to download it, scammers stepped in to replicate the popular game.

The scam app requires you to give permission to send text messages, read your texts and access other apps. The BBB reports that once installed, the fake Flappy Bird app tries to force users into sending text messages to a premium number. Trying to cancel the message doesn't work, it just keeps running in the background where it could access any information installed on your phone. 

The BBB has issued the following tips to help you avoid the scam apps:

--Don't attempt to download anything calling itself Flappy Bird. 

--Read reviews before you download.

--Download the apps through official app stores.

--Use anti-virus programs on your smartphone.

For more information, head to the BBB's website at http://bit.ly/OfPK5o

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