Famatic photo frame keeps family connected

(WXYZ) - It's fun staying connected and sharing photos on social networks, but some of our family members who aren't as tech savvy can miss out on those special moments.

That's where Famatic comes in.

The social photo frame lets your digitally-challenged family and friends see all of the photos you post on social media accounts, even if they don't have an account themselves.

The inventors are saying this is no simple digital photo frame. This gadget allows people to interact with the photos and videos that display.

Grandparents and great grandparents can like or comment on a photo through the frame without having a Facebook page, or an Instagram account.

More than one person's photos can display on Famatic, too--creating a virtual family album.

One of the creators says on Famatic's Kickstarter page that they came up with the idea after they got tired of lugging their laptop to every family function just to show off pictures of their children.

To learn more about this photo frame-tablet hybrid, click here.