Game Up Alarm Clock app created by two friends won't let you fall back asleep

(WXYZ) - Does Daylight Saving Time have you down? Maybe hitting that snooze one too many times? 

You may want to consider downloading Game Up Alarm Clock from your app store. The free iPhone app is all about getting you up on time in the morning. Not only can you set it to wake you with obnoxious sounds, mine of course is set to a rooster crowing, but the only way to shut it off is to beat the app at a game—and, trust me,  it’s not as easy as it seems.

“If you could do it easily, you’d go right back to sleep," said Game Up Alarm Clock app creator Joey Babi. "So, it’s programmed where you are probably going to lose or tie the first game no matter what."

And the snooze? Forget about it. That's not an option. 

More than 40,000 downloads later, they’re hearing good reviews—aside from one known breakup their app has caused. 

"The problem with game up is that it’s so loud and it wakes everyone up, and i think that’s what the problem was," said Game Up Alarm Clock app programmer Igor Efermov. 

I guess you could say it's like the Flappy Bird version of an alarm clock. 

"Our goal is to make you wake up with a smile, waking up should be fun," said Babi. "I mean at first it’s frustrating, but once you get the hang of it, you’re actually enjoying it and your productive and you’re doing whatever you have to do."

After testing this sleek app out for a couple weeks, I’m giving you my pros and cons list.

Pros: it will wake you up in the morning, it’s simple, and it has a fun design.

Con: you may throw your phone across the room at least once.

Overall, I give this crazy app four out of five stars.

Now, the creators tell me that an app update with more games is expected in April. They're also working on a Polaroid-type game where users will have to shake their phone to develop a picture. The pair is currently selecting photos from Instagram tagged with the hashtag #GameUpAlarm to add into the program.

Check out more about Game Up Alarm here:


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