Harry Potter fans can now enroll at Hogwarts online school

(WXYZ) - The dream of every Harry Potter fan has now come true.

All aspiring witches and wizards can now enroll at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Yes, this is real. 

HogwartsIsHere.com is a website created by the wonderful Harry Potter fandom to bring the magic of the books and movies to life through the online university.

Students have to enroll, get placed into a house , read a virtual textbook, and even complete homework during the 9-week course programs.

The good thing is there are no due dates on assignments; you just get them in when you can.

And of course no one wants to have debt as a young wizard, so it's a good thing the online courses are completely free.

On the Hogwarts is Here Facebook page, administrators are saying that they are having their servers configured so that the site will be able to hold the new traffic--so you may have to be patient with it for now.

Check out the site here.