How to safely, responsibly get rid of old gadgets and make money doing it!

(WXYZ) - Did Santa bring you an iPhone 5 or iPad Mini for Christmas?

If so, you probably have an old gadget that is unwanted or obsolete. So what do you do with those old devices?

Consider selling, donating or recycling your outdated electronics as a safe and responsible option to chucking them in the trash.

Craigslist, Amazon and eBay are the most obvious and lucrative choices for selling but they also come with their own set of time and commitment hassles.

While they won't net you best price, sites like Gazelle and Nextworth are an easy way to score around $200 for a used iPhone 4S in good condition.

If you don't need the extra cash, donating or recycling are two socially and environmentally friendly options.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Cell Phones for Soldiers are just two of the many charitable projects that can do good with your old phone. And don't forget to check with your local schools or libraries before pitching your old tablet or laptop.

If your device is simply too old to sell or donate, don't just throw it in the trash!

Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Sony have mail-in and drop-off recycling programs. Plus, if you walk into any Best Buy, they will take your electronics off your hands for free.

For even more ideas on what to do with your old gizmos check out this CNN Report.

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