Imogen Heap creates glove to help artists control sound with special glove

(WXYZ) - You have to admit, the air guitar looks pretty cool—but what if it could sound good, too?

Well, one new high-tech glove promises to help artists rock out with hand movements.

Musician Imogen Heap is trying to revolutionize the way people make music, and the main tool is a very high tech glove.

Imogen Heap said she was tired of being stuck behind computers, knobs and faders while performing—instead she wanted to use her body to control the sounds.

So, she embarked on an adventure with the nerd underworld, as she calls it in her Kickstarter campaign video, to develop gloves that could help people compose and perform music with computers in a more natural way.

The gloves are laced with the latest in sensor technology and are completely wireless, allowing artists more freedom.  They can read your hand movements and postures as preprogrammed musical cues.

Over the last few years, her team has been refining the gloves. They are hoping to raise enough money on Kickstarter to finalize the gloves design and make them more affordable and accessible to any musician.  

A small group of backers are expected to receive prototype gloves in August—and those people will help Imogen and her team create the final product. 

Check out more about the Mi.Mu Glove here:

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