Move over Spider Man: DARPA develops gecko-like climbing aids

(WXYZ) - Move over Spider Man, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, also known as DARPA, has created devices that will have humans climbing like geckos.

DARPA launched the Z-man Program to develop a better way for warfighters to scale buildings and other obstacles.

Researchers on the project were concerned that ropes and ladders were dangerous and impractical while carrying heavy loads.

That's why DARPA has developed hand-held, biologically inspired climbing aids. They use micro and nanofabrication technologies to produce an aid similar to that of a gecko toe--but for humans.

DARPA has tested out the reversible adhesives with a 218 pound climber ascending and descending on glass while also carrying a 50 pound load.

DARPA says these aids can have biomedical, industrial and consumer applications as well.

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