NCAA March Madness apps: Make picks, track games, watch live and win big!

Let the madness begin! It's time to make and track your picks for college basketball's rite of spring.

But with the big dance tipping off during the work day it's hard to keep up, especially with your boss stepping all over your toes.

Thankfully there are plenty of smartphone apps that can keep track of every mad moment in March.

The NCAA's official March Madness App lets users track score schedules and bracket action, as well as what fellow fans are saying in the app's "social arena."

Plus, those with cable can log in for unlimited access to live streams of all 67 games.

Pocket Bracket erases the need for old-school paper brackets and helps fans keep track of multiple brackets on their mobile device. You can organize pools among family, friends and coworkers. Plus, your brackets are automatically updated after each game.

And Fancake puts the icing on top of a sweet victory - you can earn rewards by simply watching the game. Connect with Facebook friends and other sports enthusiasts during live games to predict plays and scores.

Credits can be redeemed for team merchandise and tickets.

But your first stop this March should be where you can make your picks, talk a little trash and potentially win $1 million!

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