Nerd alert: The Cloud explained

(WXYZ) - Everyone always reminds you to back up your information in the 'Cloud.'

It’s a term we hear over and over again, but what exactly does it mean? 

The folks over at assure360, a private Cloud services company in Farmington Hills , were nice enough to give 7 Action News a tour of their facilities and explain the term that's caused a bit of confusion. 

"At the end of the day, the 'Cloud' is nothing more than a new fancy term for a building of some sort that houses computers with storage information connected to them and you can virtually get to it from any connected device anywhere in the world," said Hans Guilbeaux, Director of Information Security and Compliance at assure360. 

Simple, right? Well, not entirely. There’s a lot of nerdy details about the 'Cloud', how it works and what it can hold.

Just as an example, in assure360’s 2,500 square foot facility,  they can house up to three petabytes of data.

That's right, petabytes.

"A petabyte is a lot of data," Philip Curton said with a chuckle. Curton is the Director of Private Cloud Services for assure360. "For me to calculate it, I'd actually have to go back and look at my calculator."

Curton says that square footage doesn't necessarily translate into how much those servers can hold.

In fact, there are server farms of different sizes all over the world, helping you get to your data with a simple internet connection.

"The coolest thing about the 'Cloud' is that it’s everywhere," said Curton. "I know that’s a nebulous statement, but there are data centers all over the country, all over the world and most of them connected. So if I’m putting up a picture of my dog, it could be sitting here, or in Texas, or in London."

Maybe that's the Cloud's silver lining. Even if it is just a new fancy term for virtual storage, it's still pretty cool.

To find out more about assure360, go here:

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