Pocket molecular sensor raises $2M+ on Kickstarter

(WXYZ) - How would you like to have a sixth sense in the palm of your hand?

SCiO, the pocket molecular sensor for every day use, is creating a lot of buzz on the internet.

The gadget can scan materials, physical objects and even food and deliver relevant information right to your smartphone.

SCiO is a tiny spectrometer that can give you details on the chemical makeup of pretty much everything that is around you.

Just imagine grocery shopping and having the SCiO be able to tell you which avocado is ripe, or being able to actually take care of a plant properly at home, because the sensor could tell you about its well being.

The developers launched a Kickstarter page to get SCiO on the market. The gadget raised more than $2 million.

Check out more about SCiO HERE.  ​