Possible Twitter hack prompts password reset

(WXYZ) - A possible Twitter hack is prompting users to reset their passwords says tech blog Mashable.

Wednesday Mashable reported their offices and TechCrunch fell victim to a Twitter hack that caused their account to tweet spam.

" : We are good now, but please don't click the "$250 tweet" links as we were hacked," TechCrunch tweeted around 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

Mashable says they've received several reports of Twitter prompting users to reset their passwords upon login. They believe the threat could be credible and suggest users do so immediately.

For users whose accounts may be threatened, Twitter is requesting users verify their identity by providing either their phone number, email address or Twitter handle.

The micro-blogging site then sends users a password reset request email that allows them to do so by clicking on a link.

Twitter has yet to comment on situation.

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