Robot to hitchhike across Canada

(WXYZ) - We're always told not to pick up hitchhikers

But for one little guy who is trying to make his way across Canada, people may start making an exception.

With technology and robots continuing to advance, many people worry about the future. Can we trust these bots we're engineering to act almost human?

Well, researchers are trying to turn that worry on its head with the Hitchbot.

Starting on July 24, the Hitchbot will be dropped off in Nova Scotia, where he will then attempt to hitchhike his way to Victoria, British Columbia.

Canadian researchers are hoping that the project makes people ask whether robots can trust us as opposed to the other way around.

Hitchbot is fitted with a hitchhiking hand, sturdy boots for waiting for his next ride, and has the ability to chat with drivers to make him the ultimate travel companion.

Hitchbot, in addition to asking drivers for a lift, will also ask them to plug him into their cigarette lighter in order to charge his battery. You can follow his travels on social media.

Check out his site HERE