Smart cup Vessyl can give you drink stats

(WXYZ) - How would you like to keep track of your drinking habits?

No, we’re not just talking alcohol, we’re talking all liquids. 

It’s called the Vessyl and anything that you pour into it will be analyzed and the stats will appear right on
the cup-- like magic.

The Vessyl, on the surface, can tell you exactly what you’re drinking.

Depending which lens you select for your Vessyl, you can see calories, fat, sugar, protein, caffeine and more stats.

The smart cup works in conjunction with a smartphone app—and the app will provide even more details of the liquid in your vessel, like--in most instances--the specific brand and flavors of what you are drinking.

The creators say on Vessyl’s website that the cup can help you lose weight and stay hydrated by providing instant real time feedback, teaching people when to pay more attention to their hydration needs.

Another neat tidbit: The Vessyl can actually tell when you’re washing it—so that liquid won’t be counted toward your consumption stats.

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